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Just as Temple Judea fills a vital role in our lives, we also play an important role in the temple's current and future sustainability. Our temple has made great progress, and crucial needs still exist. In today's increasingly complex world, not-for-profit organizations like Temple Judea face numerous financial realities:

  • Ensuring future financial sustainability
  • Educating youth and creating Jewish identity experiences
  • Subsidizing membership dues for financially needy members
  • Teacher and staff resources, and employee benefits
  • Program expansion to meet growing demand
  • Rising operational expenses, such as increasing hurricane insurance rates, building maintenance and repair, and technology upgrades and maintenance

Even with a history of sound financial stewardship, our voluntary membership dues alone do not cover all of our temple expenses. Together, we can sustain the present and ensure a vibrant future. You can help us close the gap.

Investing in Our Community

Throughout history, Jews have taken care of each other. In addition to your membership dues, an annual gift to Temple Judea is an opportunity to take care of our synagogue and one another. Donations to this fund help pay the operating costs and valued programs not covered by membership. Your tax-deductible gifts to this fund create a safety net for the temple community.

Reaching New Heights

It has been said that the only constant in life is change. Our temple community is with us through all of life's changes. Financial gifts to Temple Judea return to us in priceless ways: spiritual support, friendship, love, education and a multigenerational community that shares our values.

Join us in creating a sustainable future for Temple Judea, and make a tax-deductible gift in addition to your dues committment.

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