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As with all congregations, temple dues only cover a percentage of operating costs at Temple Judea. In order to offer the quality programs we seek to provide, we are dependant on generous donations of our members. Such donations are usually given to commemorate happy moments (such as birthdays, anniversaries, b'nai mitzvah, weddings) and also in order to remember loved ones who have passed away. Our donation funds promote a wide range of Temple activities and tzedakah projects, from the soup kitchen to youth programming to beautifying the Temple on the Days of Awe.

College Fund – Contributions to this fund help subsidize our College Committee’s programs for college students. Donate to this fund

Floral Fund – Unlike our High Holy Day floral fund, this fund makes sure there are flowers for each Friday night worship service. Donate to this fund

Marvin Levin Scholarship Fund – This fund is set up to help subsidize students who attend our religious school and whose families are on dues consideration. Donate to this fund

Memorial Fund – Contributions to this fund go directly to the General Fund to help subsidize our revenue. Donate to this fund

Oneg Shabbat Fund – This fund provides for the various foods served after services each Friday night. Donate to this fund

Estelle Michelson Prayer Book Fund – Donations to this fund help to defray the cost of purchasing new prayer books and printing creative service prayer books that we use throughout the year. Donate to this fund

Terri Levan Katz High Holy Day Floral Fund - This fund specifically provides flowers for the High Holy Days. Donate to this fund

Goldstein Camp Scholarship Fund – The purpose of this fund is to subsidize children or teens whose families demonstrate a financial need to attend camping programs provided by TempleJudea or the URJ. This also includes Israel Programs sponsored by the URJ. Donate to this fund

Harvey Miller Scholarship Fund – The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships to members of Temple Judea who demonstrate a need and whose children are enrolled in the Margaux Early Childhood School at Temple Judea and the Shir Ami Religious School. Donate to this fund

Marjorie Spritzer Caring Community Fund – This fund was set-up to provide funds to support our caring committee in helping members who are in need of assistance whether it be visitations or counseling. Donate to this fund

Mildred Weissel Brown Refurbishing Fund – Contributions to this fund help re-furbish existing furniture within the temple. Donate to this fund

Morton D Weiner High Holy Day Machzor Fund – The purpose of this fund is to provide from time to time, the funds to print and reprint the current High Holy Day Machzor used at Temple Judea or to purchase Machzorim in the future as such need may arise and for other religious needs as may come up. Donate to this fund

Ray Berman Education Fund – The purpose of this fund is to allow the school to purchase programs or equipment that will enhance the Religious School programs. The funds for these programs are requested by the Education Director and approved by the Education Committee. Donate to this fund

Rabbi Michael B. Eisenstat Soup Kitchen Fund – The purpose of this fund is to provide food and ancillary items so needy people in our community are provided with hot meals, and is handled through the following procedure: Soup Kitchen Committee Chair and Executive Director decide on what to buy and how much to spend. Donate to this fund

Russian Fund – Contributions to this fund help support our sister community in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Donate to this fund

Ann & Victor Reiter Art Fund – the purpose of this fund is used to create, construct and maintain the “museum, gallery at Temple Judea” now the Reiter Pavilion, and is handled through the following procedure: Art Committee comes up with projects, and Temple Board decided how to finally spend the funds to satisfy the fund’s purposes. Donate to this fund

Baskin-Gordon Technion Memorial Lecture Fund – Set up by the Baskin Family in memory of their parents, Meyer and Florence Baskin Gordon to provide annual lectures for the congregation and community to enjoy. This fund is to support the lecture series in perpetuity. Donate to this fund

Burger Family High Holy Day Youth Services & Cultural Endowment Fund – set up by the Burger family to underwrite the costs of the High Holy Day Youth Services as may occur during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and to provide funding for other agreed upon cultural, social and religious services. Donate to this fund

Carol Magidson Medical Insurance Fund – This fund was set up by David Magidson and with donations from friends. The purpose is to assist Temple Judea members and their immediate family/families in obtaining medical insurance for no more than one (1) year. Donate to this fund

Epstein Programming Fund – The purpose of the Programming Fund, established by Merritt & Betty Epstein is to help defray the costs of programming staffing and/or programming activities. The Endowment Committee, by majority vote, along with input from the Epstein family determines the use of funds.

Eric B. Meyers Scholar-in-Residence Fund – This fund was set up to insure that Temple Judeawould have an annual Scholar-in-Residence program; however the scholar must be a graduate of the Hebrew Union College or a member of the College faculty. Donate to this fund

Margaux Preschool at Temple Judea Fund – Donations to this fund are used to enhance programs in the preschool. Donate to this fund

Kalish Artist-in-Residence Fund – This fund was established in memory of Hillary Kalish, daughter of Ronald & Nedra Kalish. The purpose of this fund is to increase endowment giving by all persons for our “Artist-in Residence” program at Temple Judea and to insure that an AIR program exists biannually at Temple Judea. Donate to this fund

Linda Martin Youth Activities Fund - The purpose of this fund is to provide special youth activities, youth related Capital improvements or additional funding for regional or local Mitzvah Projects. Donate to this fund

Linda Pallot Art Education and Enrichment Fund - This fund was established by friends and family in memory of artist Linda Pallot, mother of Richard and Maxwell. Recognizing the value of visual arts to our community, the purpose of the fund is to underwrite or defray the costs of visual arts related education and program staffing and/or program activities, with a primary focus on Temple Judea youth and their families. Donate to this fund

Mel Harrison Library Fund - The purpose of this fund is to manage, refurbish, develop and add to the Library. The fund is administered by a member of the Harrison family, the Rabbi, Women ofTemple Judea, and the chair of the Library Committee. Donate to this fund

Miriam and Gerald Barocas Leadership Endowment – The purpose of this fund is to help defray the costs involved with Leadership Development and Training for the temple leadership. Donate to this fund

Peter Teichner Scholarship Fund – This was set up by Dr. Ronald and Marcia Teichner in memory of their son, Peter. The purpose is to provide scholarships where there is a financial need to children who want to attend the High School in Israel Program. Donate to this fund

Rabbi Siegal and Rabbi Fisch’s Mitzvah Funds –Contributions to this fund allows the Rabbi to help those in need. Donate to these funds

Unrestricted Endowment Fund - Donations to this fund endow programs and activities such as scholarships and seminars for our youth at the request of our Board of Trustees. Donate to this fund

Vicki Hamersmith Fund - This fund was established in memory of Vicki Hamersmith. Donate to this fund

Cantorial Soloist Jodi Rozental's Mitzvah Fund – Contributions to this fund allows the Cantor to help those in need. Donate to this fund