With Us, It’s Personal


Since its founding, Temple Judea has been committed to honoring the ancient traditions of Judaism while acknowledging the relevance of those traditions, the Torah, and our own spirituality in an ever-changing secular world.

Established in 1948 as the Coral Gables Jewish Center, Temple Judea has come a long way and is proud to still serve as the only Reform congregation in Coral Gables.

While we enjoy many assets as a congregation, Temple Judea’s greatest strength is the diversity of its membership. Boasting more than 630 households, we take pride in welcoming all who choose to worship, learn, and socialize within our walls. We reflect our diverse and changing world, welcoming singles, families, intermarried families and Jews by choice.

Throughout its history, Temple Judea has maintained its unique character. It is large enough to meet the varied needs of its members. Yet, it is small enough to create a warm and inviting atmosphere – a place where “everybody knows your name.”

Our facility allows us to still pray together at one time in a single sanctuary, even on the High Holy Days. We are one congregation, and it is important for us to share special moments together as one family.

As we are so proud to attest – “Temple Judea: With us it’s personal.” A warm, personal atmosphere is what we strive to achieve in every communication and in every gathering.