Alexander Muss High School in Israel

muss hsiAlexander Muss HIgh School in Israel is designed for public and private school students; the program is pluralistic and non-demoniational. Whether you are looking to explore your heritage or just learning history and traveling, AMHSI offers the opportunity to do so, while preparing for college. This six-week study abroad program follows a chronological curriculum of 4,000 years by actually traveleing through history, using the land of Israel as a “living classroom.”  For additional information contact Orlie Braha, Miami Director of Admissions at 786.262.2609 or For complete program summaries visit

Spending eight weeks in Israel was the highlight of my high school experience. On Alexander Muss one day you study about a place and the next day you go visit it as you travel through. I loved this way of learning because in the future I know I will be able to recount historical events based on the amazing places I traveled to. Another thing that made the trip so spectacular was being there for the winter term. The two other times I have visited Israel have been during the summer and I can honestly say that experiencing the first night of Channukkah in Tzfat and not getting heat stroke when climbing up Masada made going on AMSHI a journey of a lifetime, one that I highly recommend!  ~Meg Parker