We began the day with a review of what we learned about Passover last week. We read “Penny and The Four Questions” by Nancy Krulick and talked a bit about “Seder etiquette.” We played a game of “What Belongs on a Seder Table?” and we finished our day singing Passover songs with Benny and Family Tefilah. The children, who were in class on March 25th, made beautiful Elijah or Miriam cups made of glass and Sculpty clay. The glasses should be hand-washed only. They will be a beautiful addition to your Seder table. The kids are very
proud of their work! Last week, we also drew pictures with fabric crayons that were transferred to small pillows. adorable and will be a keepsake for years to come!

Happy Passover and I will see you on April 15th – only six classes left. This year has certainly flown by!

First Grade

So much to learn and so little time! The kids loved learning about the Story of Passover (Pesach) and the seder. We went over the 10 plagues which are recited during the seder and we made frog masks. We learned the “frog song” too! We went over the seder plate and the meaning of each item, but most importantly how it relates to the story of Passover and the 4 Questions.

Second Grade

We played our favorite game of Mazoret to practice Hebrew vowels. For snack, we’ll say the blessing for matzah and enjoy a special matzah “sandwich”. We made beautiful matzah covers  for Pesach in Art with Mrs. Kutell

Third Grade

Today we worked on Passover and practicing the 4 questions. We did a special project where the students represented each of the 4 questions to add to your family seder 3rd grade

Fourth Grade

In Hebrew, we are singing the Hebrew order of the seder words—Kadesh Urchatz.  We also tested each other on singing the Four Questions in Hebrew.  We are going through the Haggadah and singing the Hebrew songs and blessings.  In Judaic Studies we are continuing to read the Exodus story with the Jerusalem group and starting the story with the TelAviv group. We will emphasize the meaning of freedom. We will tie in the current event in our Supreme Court. Is it constitutional to make people carry health insurance or is it infringing on freedom of the individual? 
Fifth Grade

Today in class we moved forward with the Jeopardy review game we began working on on Wednesday. Students also began to review the major figures we studied during our Talmud Torah unit.

Sixth Grade

Today we completed the practice of the four questions, read and chanted . We also began the work on our Miami personal newspaper to be sent to Israel to our class friends. In Judaic Studies we had a Jewish Lens session with Candice as we get ready for the community exhibition on May 20th!