Everyone gathered in the sanctuary for a special service for Yom HaShoah – in remembrance of those who perished in the Holocaust. Our 7th graders led the service with Rabbi Siegal.

In our fourth grade Hebrew class we are studying about Israel and Israel Independence Day.  We are reading and singing Hatikvah and doing Israeli dances. We are also reviewing Hebrew words and syllables that have unusual combinations in them. In Judaic Studies we had game day!

Today in the 5th grade Judaic Studies class the students continued to review the concepts of both Talmud Torah and Hachnasat Orchim. Since we never had a chance to do so the last time it was planned today we will perform skits reflecting the importance of these values in a modern context. In Hebrew we looked at the Kaddish prayer that is said in times of mourning.

Today in 6th grade Judaic Studies we continued reading about Tzfat. We answered questions and discussed the material to fully understand the text. In Hebrew we looked at the personal story of Uri Orlev, a Holocaust survivor, who became a writer in Israel. The story is told from Uri’s viewpoint as a child: his dreams, hopes, along with his experiences in the ghetto, and in hiding.