img 0104Celebrating a b’nai mitzvah at Temple Judea is a product of study, worship experiences and acts of gemilut chasadim. Students who have fulfilled all of the religious educational requirements and have Hebrew proficiency lead the congregation in worship on either a Shabbat morning or Shabbat afternoon service. Children must be enrolled in our religious school program and their family must be in good standing as members of the congregation in order to celebrate a b’nai mitzvah at Temple Judea. Preparing for a b’nai mitzvah involves several components. Each child will chant Torah and haftarah. As part of the preparation for the celebration, students are involved in one-on-one tutoring with Gaby Enser-Tangir, our fantastic B’nai Mitzvah Mentor, as well as meetings and discussion with either Rabbi Goldberg or Rabbi Siegal.  In addition, all students complete a mitzvah project. Any questions about the B’nai Mitzvah program can be directed to Daphne Parker at 305.667.5657.

To learn more about our B’nai Mitzvah program, check out our Parents’ Guide Book