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A Bridge to Our Future

The Rabbinic Endowment has been established to honor our spiritual and pastoral leaders; our cherished teachers and guides. A Rabbi provides strength, comfort, and wisdom through a focused vision on the greater good. Rabbis define and lead congregations acting as a steady compass among our challenging and changing Jewish landscape from generation to generation.

Endowments are the philanthropic mainstay of great universities and religious institutions throughout the world. Temple Judea regards an endowment as the most sound and dependable assurance of our long-range financial stability. Our Rabbinic Endowment, which only draws income from its own well-invested fund, never from principal, will exist in perpetuity to continue to ensure the high caliber of rabbis that we currently enjoy.  Thus, endowing our Rabbinic leaders emphasizes our unwavering commitment to protecting our most basic and fundamental spiritual, social and cultural religious core our continuity of community.

Together we can honor our past by creating a bridge to our future through the Rabbinic Endowment.  Dedications have been designed to appeal to those with a temple or school connection, or both, at every stage of life. From the parents of young children attending the Margaux Early Childhood School to temple pioneers and founders, to new member families, Continuity of Community offers thoughtful and inclusive opportunities for all to embrace and pay tribute to one’s personal connections to Temple Judea Rabbis.

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CHERISHED CAMPUS DEDICATIONSAs a Kehilah Kedushah, a holy community, it is a privilege & our responsibility to care
Our lives are defined by opportunities to celebrate joyous occasions with those we hold dear and to meaningfully reflect when we remember and honor those who have brought us this joy. Temple Judea is proud to offer a wide variety of campus dedications in support of the Rabbinic Endowment.  Opportunities are available within the Frank Family Education Center, the Mittentag Administrative Offices, outdoor or worship spaces and more.  Honor your family or a cherished loved one with a meaningful campus dedication.

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LEAVE A LASTING LEGACY | To cause the lamp to burn always – Exodus 27:20
From our earliest temple visionaries, to those newer to our community, now is the time to consider a planned gift to Temple Judea. Strengthen our reserves so we may always protect and provide, in perpetuity, the heart of our sacred community; our rabbis.  Your estate gift of any size will be sensitively customized and structured to fit the needs of your family and lifestyle. Ensuring that Temple Judea’s fundamental spiritual sustainability is cared for beyond your lifetime, is the highest honor you can leave for our future generations.

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TREASURED TORAH DEDICATIONS | Turn it and turn it gain for everything is In it The Talmud
Ancient and relevant Torah is the lifeblood of our community.  A God-inspired living document, the Torah guides, governs and comforts us. No question is too big, no question too small and no situation too troubling, as we seek solace in its teachings. Directing your Rabbinic Endowment gift to this program will allow for a wide variety of contribution options from the celebration of life cycle events by dedicating a letter or word in the Torah, to opportunities for lead gifts such as scroll or crown dedications.

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For more information or to have a confidential conversation, without obligation, about the Temple Judea Continuity of Community Rabbinic Endowment Campaign, please call Danielle F. Spiegelman, Senior Director of Advancement, at 305.667.5657, ext. 2119 or email her directly at 

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