Welcome to the Margaux Early Childhood School


“Temple Judea has constructed something beautiful: more than a new building, they’ve built a new house of learning, play and exploration to be shared with many generations to come.”
– Parent in the Margaux Early Childhood School at Temple Judea

Young children make sense of their world through play, and we harness that natural instinct to stimulate learning on every level. Our curriculum is based on delivering developmentally-appropriate lessons to foster creativity and wonder. We have a unique customized approach that enables us to constantly adapt to your child’s needs. Each child has a different rhythm, and varied interests and strengths. We provide opportunities for all of them. Every asset is focused full-time on these formative early years. The Margaux staff, curriculum, and resources are devoted solely to the needs of early childhood students.

web7The Margaux School centers around relationships. This is where friendships begin that will last a lifetime. As key players in developing the environment for these beginnings, our teaching staff is unparalleled. Everything we do is centered around delivering the ideal first experience as your child encounters new friends, ideas and opportunities. Our teachers themselves are committed to lifelong learning and self-reflection. Their upbeat, encouraging, enthusiastic attitude sets the stage for joy and confidence. Through their loving care, your child will have expert guides on their early learning journey.

“It didn’t matter to us that we weren’t Jewish, or that we were unfamiliar with certain customs, prayers, or traditions. Call it mother’s intuition, a sixth sense, or a gut feeling, but I knew this is where we belonged.”
– Parent in the Margaux Early Childhood School at Temple Judea

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