Educational Philosophy and Goals

Our Philosophy of Education

p4220152Our religious school program is created according to the philosophy that Jewish education should address the whole child–his or her intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical needs. The goal of our program is to educate and enulturate young people so they will some day be adults who are committed to Judaism and its continuance, who identify strongly as Jews, and who participate as dedicated members of the Jewish community. Being educated at Temple Judea prepares our children to choose to practice Judaism out of love and respect for its traditions as well as out of knowledge of our values and ideals. These broad ideas are revisited as the student grows and matures.

Our Goals of Religious Education

2012-02-12 11.13.22The mission of the Shir Ami Religious School of Temple Judea is to support the development of dedicated and knowledgeable Reform Jews. Our students will been couraged to discover their own Jewish identity guided by the principles of derecheretz, (good character) and mitzvot (sacred conduct). We are committed to preparing our children to comfortably engage in conversation with Jewish tradition, Torah, Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel), and Klal Yisrael(the people Israel).
The program strives to achieve the following educational goals:
1. To nurture and develop a Jewish identity. 
2. To create a fulfilling Jewish experience as part of the Temple community.
3. To develop basic Jewish literacy in Bible, rituals, holidays, Hebrew, and prayer.
4. To engage every member of the Temple community in educational programs and experiences.
5. To encourage our young people to form social relationships with other young Jewish members in the community.
6.    To model learning as a life-long pursuit and as a strong Jewish value.
7.    To appreciate and celebrate our place in Klal Yisrael, the totality of the Jewish world.
8.    To nurture a love of  Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel, with in the hearts of our students.