Hebrew Studies

p4290090Temple Judea Religious School strives to instill and inspire in our students an appreciation of Hebrew in order to build a lifelong connection to the Hebrew language. Hebrew is the eternal language of the Jewish people. It transcends time and place. It is the language of the Torah, the Siddur (prayerbook), and the living language of modern Israel. Hebrew connects us with the Jewish People, past and present. It contributes to Jewish continuity and Jewish identity from generation to generation.

By the end of 6th grade students will be able to…

  • Decode Hebrew with accuracy and fluency
  • Recite or chant (according to TJ custom) the core prayers of the Friday evening and Saturday morning worship service and be comfortable leading prayers at a service
  • Be familiar with some modern Hebrew phrases and sentences
  • Identify the main themes of the core prayers and the overall structure of the prayer service.