Each week at the Shir Ami Religious School at Temple Judea brings something new and exciting!

Miss Mikki’s Kingergarten class focused on Havdallah. They learned Shabbat ends when there are three stars in the sky on a Saturday night. Kindergarten also enjoyed a visit from Benny, our Music specialist.

Mrs. Rodriguez’s Second Grade class read the word Shalom in Hebrew. Shalom is the Hebrew word for hello, goodbye, and peace. Students also enjoyed a special snack to help learn the blessings over food. 

Rabbi Young and Morah Rachel’s Third Grade class learned the Hebrew words for “window,” “door,” and “on.” Students enjoyed singing the Aleph-Bet song to review their Hebrew letters. Third Grade also had fun learning about King Solomon. 

Mrs. Bulbin’s Fourth Grade class played a maze game with their Hebrew Vocabulary words.  This week the class focused on letters Tsadee and Final Tsadee. Students also began working on Hebrew Sentence scrapbooks.

Mrs. Waldman’s Fourth Grade class learned about the sweetness of studying Torah. Students ate honey off plates featuring the Hebrew letter Bet.

Both Fourth Grade classes enjoyed a Tefillah B’Kitah (Prayer in the Classroom) lesson that focused on God’s many names

On Sunday our Fifth Grade students enjoyed a Family Program. Families decorated wimples, pieces of cloth traditionally used to bind the Torah during a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Everyone had a great time!

Our next family program is set for Sunday, November 18th. We’re looking forward to seeing all our Kindergarten families there!

Miss Maya’s Sixth Grade class read from their Hebrew books and made flashcards with vocabulary words. Students enjoyed working on a Hebrew crossword puzzle and completing a game of Hebrew bingo. 

Sixth Grade students also enjoyed a Tefillah B’Kitah (Prayer in the Classroom) activity with Shoshana and Lara.

We’re looking forward to another awesome week!