This past weekend was a lot of fun!

On Sunday our Kindergarten students read the book “A Mezuzah on the Door” by Amy Meltzer. Then they went on a “mezuzah hunt” to see all the beautiful mezuzot around Temple Judea. Students also painted their own mezuzot. They are going to be beautiful!

Children in second grade continued their journey with the Israelites and the Exodus from Egypt. They discussed how Pharaoh would not let the Israelites go and how one persons’ stubbornness brought misery to all Egyptians with the Ten Plagues. Students enjoyed singing and dancing during Music.

Third grade had a great time participating in a family program with our Youth Coordinator Sharon Israel Moskovitz. It was great seeing so many families!

Fourth graders continued to discuss the connection between Abraham, Land and Blessing. Children listed seven ways that they could be a blessing and then shared their answers with one another. All answers were very thoughtful and honest!

Fifth grade continued reviewing Yotzer Or and the Avot prayers. The class also finished their work in Chapter Eight. During ‘Tefillah in the Classroom’ students focused on the concept of Revelation.

Students in sixth grade had a great time video chatting with children in Israel through the Yachdav program. The class continued to work on their newspaper articles to share with their new found Israeli friends. The articles focus on American culture.

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We’re looking forward to another wonderful week!