Chanukkah is almost here! 

Miss Mikki’s Kindergarten class practiced songs for their consecration ceremony with Benny. They also read a new TJ Library book called “A Horse for Chanukkah.” Finally, students made beautiful dreidels and Hanukiyot pictures using oil pastels and liquid watercolors.

Mrs. Rodriguez’s Second Grade played Mazoret and practiced Hebrew vowels. Students followed Moses on his journey leading the Israelites. The children also sang and clapped during Tefilah.

In Third Grade students moved forward learning new vocabulary during Hebrew Through Movement. Students learned parts of the body – head (rosh), hands (yadaim), feet (raglayim), and beten (tummy).

Mrs. Waldman’s Fourth Grade class read the narrative of “Cain and Abel” and approached several provocative questions. The soferim (scribes) wrote the comments on the board. Students love the opportunity to write on the board!

Mrs. Bulbin’s Fourth Grade class reviewed the story of Chanukkah highlighting Hebrew terms. Students started learning how to sing and translate the Chanukkah blessings. Fourth graders also did a reading game with words with the letters tav and tet. Finally, students watched a demonstration of the parts of the tallit.

Mrs. Goldberg’s Fifth Grade Hebrew class played bingo to review vocabulary and to learn the Chanukkah prayers.

Sarah’s Fifth Grade Hebrew class reviewed the Avot V’Imahot and studied the story of Chanukkah using Hebrew vocabulary words. Students also played “Around the Word” to practice reading their Chanukkah terms.

Sarah’s Fifth Grade Judaic Studies class chose their favorite quotes from the Bible that focus on justice. Using these quotes, students created skits to demonstrate how they can act with justice in their day-to-day lives.

 Here's what you missed: Sunday, December 2nd


In Shoshana’s Sixth Grade Judaic Studies class students played Jeopardy. The kids loved showing off how much they’ve learned!

In Maya’s Sixth Grade Hebrew class students played a vocabulary game in which they searched for words with particular letters or vowels. They also completed an activity about things one should think about before going into worship services.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this December 7-9th for the Kalish Artist-in-Residence Weekend featuring Josh Nelson!  

Saturday, December 8 @ 10:00am

Join with other preschool-age families for a special Family Moments featuring Chanukah music with Josh Nelson! This is a Chanukah celebration that includes interactive prayers and stories, hands-on activities for families and children, food and play.

 Chanukah Concert and Celebration

Saturday, December 8 @ 7:00pm

Chanukah will never be the same!

·      Havdalah led by our JTY members with Josh Nelson

·      Rockin’ concert with the Josh Nelson Project

·      Community candle lighting for the first night of Chanukah

·      Concessions to support our youth programming

·      Friends and fun

Suggested donation: $10 per family

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Josh Nelson is one of the most popular performers and producers in modern Jewish music. A multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Josh’s music is celebrated and integrated into the repertoire of congregations, camps and communities around the world. Josh served as the music director for the most recent URJ Biennial Convention, faculty for the Hava Nashira Music Institute, and a musical artist in residence for the JCC Maccabi Artsfest.