As one of your Temple Judea Vice-Presidents, appointed by Temple President Gary Berman to chair the Transition Committee, I am honored and privileged to lead the Transition Committee. Below, please find a description of the composition and role of the Transition Committee and plans for the coming year.

WHAT is the Transition Committee?

This is the group helping the congregation to transition to our next Rabbinic leadership.   The members of the Transition Committee are me (Caroline Heck Miller), Ellen Barocas, Frank Cauce, Steve Demar, Sheila Freed, Eddie Ginsburg, Julie Lambert, Stephen Rosenthal, and Ted Weiss.

The role of the Transition Committee is to conduct the search for the following positions:

1.  Intentional Interim Rabbi to begin a one-year engagement with Temple Judea on July 1, 2013;

2.  Senior Rabbi to fill Rabbi Goldberg’s position; and

3.  Second Rabbi, should that be necessary.

What is the time frame for the Transition Committee to conduct these searches?

1.  Intentional Interim Rabbi:  will be hired as soon as possible and prior to July 1st, 2013.

2.  Senior Rabbi: selection before January 2014.

3.  Second Rabbi:  if necessary, search will be conducted beginning December 1 for a July 1, 2014 start date.

This leads us to: WHY an Intentional Interim Rabbi?

First, it gives us time to plan a deliberate, careful search for our permanent rabbinate.  Selecting our Senior Rabbi next autumn will much better serve the long-term health of Temple Judea than making a hasty decision to fill the position by July 1 of this year.  It gives us time to solicit feedback from our community about what we aspire to as a congregation and how to choose rabbis who will best get us there.  It also will fit the timelines of rabbis in the search process, which will ensure that we have the deepest and best pool of candidates.

Secondly, Intentional Interim Rabbis have specialized training to deal with congregational feelings and regrets after a long time rabbi departs.  The Intentional Interim Rabbi serves for no longer than one year and is selected from applicants specially trained in the Central Conference of American Rabbis’ (CCAR) program dedicated to this unique function.

Finally, Temple Judea will be well served by an Intentional Interim Rabbi who will help Rabbi Siegal in performing the important tasks of rabbinic leadership during the next year.

Both Rabbi Goldberg and Rabbi Siegal strongly support, and recommend, this program for Temple Judea in order to transition in a way that will help us heal, grow and thrive.  In addition, Rabbi Siegal, who has clearly indicated to the Board that she would like to be considered for the Senior Rabbi position, and the lay leadership agree that Temple Judea is best served by a rabbinic-search process open to all candidates to be considered on their merits, and this can best take place this autumn, including with the counsel of the Intentional Interim Rabbi.

Your Transition Committee is working now on the process for seeking an Intentional Interim Rabbi, and we are on track with the timetable for this accelerated application and candidate-review process.

Our congregation is proud that Rabbi Goldberg is going on to serve another great congregation in the movement, and we have been blessed to have his rabbinic knowledge, leadership and counsel for 17 years.   Now, we will work to continue that tradition of strong rabbinic leadership at Temple Judea, and we know that we will go from strength to strength.

Caroline Heck Miller, Chair, Transition Committee

 The following letter will also appear in the March 2013 issue of the Tidings.