The following letter co-authored by Rabbi Goldberg and Rabbi Siegal was mailed to the congregation, further discussing and endorsing the IIR process.
Dear Valued Members of Temple Judea:
The last few weeks have been filled with messages of change, transition, and new realities.  Much has been going on at 5500 Granada Blvd to organize and mobilize in preparation for the need to fill the rabbinic position that will be open come July 1, 2013.  As your current rabbinic leaders, we want you all to know that the leadership of Temple Judea, both emerging and current, are taking the necessary steps to address our needs in a timely and thoughtful manner.
Here are some things we wanted you to know: The Temple Judea Board of Trustees voted on Wednesday, January 16th, per the strong recommendation of both of us, to engage an Intentional Interim Rabbi for the 2013-2014 year.  This provides the congregation the necessary support of two full time rabbis to fulfill the full and robust year of b’nai mitzvah, weddings, and other important clergy demands.  In addition to the usual rabbinical duties, the Intentional Interim Rabbi is a very specific position that you can read more about in the attached article.  Due to the high demands our thriving congregation requires, we believe this is the most helpful and productive way to manage through this year of transition.
Serving as the rabbis of Temple Judea over the past 7 years together has been a completely collaborative venture.  As Temple Judea is navigating its path into the coming years and into its next phase of the journey, we want you to be assured that we both are encouraged and supportive of the decisions and direction we see the leadership taking at this time.
Please see Gary Berman’s article in your Tidings for more information about the Intentional Interim Rabbi and see the temple’s webpage at for up-to-date information about the Rabbinic Transition.  The Transition Committee, headed by Caroline Heck Miller, will also be letting you know of the many ways that you can get involved and share your perspective on the best ways for our temple community to move forward in strength.
Both of us are here for you.  We look forward to helping this community grow in strength and vitality.  Temple Judea is and will continue to be a very special community, and we are honored to serve as your rabbis.
Note: The second article found at this link below explains about the IIR process.
Rabbi Edwin C. Goldberg
Rabbi Judith L. Siegal