NFTY Mitzvah Corps

mitzvah corpsSocial action, volunteering, friends, expanded horizons, and fun, are all part of the Mitzvah Corps experience. With Mitzvah Corps, Jewish teens experience social action at its best. Make YOUR mark this summer. Programs include Bay Area Mitzvah Corps, Urban Mitzvah Corps, Mitzvah Corps Costa Rica, Mitzvah Corps of the South and Mitzvah Corps at URJ Jutz Camp. For additional information contact 212.650.4071 or Visit

This past week and a half has been a fantastic learning and growth experience for me. Every speaker we’ve had-whether they’ve been speaking about racial segregation, hurricane Katrina, or the food process- has truly left an impact! Each activity we’ve done- like tubing, the Zephy’rs game and the haunted ghost tour-taught us so much about who we are and what kind of people we want to be. This entire program has been amazing! I’m so thankful for the counselors and all of the hard work they’ve put into this! One of the most interesting things I’ve done on this trip thus far has been working at the animal shelter. While not as glamorous a job as I had originally hoped, it definitely has its benefits. Our group helps the shelter by cleaning up animal waste, walking the dogs, and doing general housekeeping. It’s so rewarding since the animals definitely need our help! The volunteer opportunities that we’ve had on this trip are so numerous that I know that I will return home with the mindset of one who wishes to always help others. I love Mitzvah Corps!  ~Erica Michelson