At Temple Judea we’re busy getting ready for Passover! On Sunday Miss Mikki’s Kindergarten class made beautiful murals celebrating the Exodus story and Mr. Levy’s Second Grade Class decorated gorgeous Matzah covers for residents of “The Palace.” Mrs. Goldberg and Sarah’s Fifth Grade class prepared for their visit to JCS’s “Matzah Mitzvah and More” Food Collection on March 17th by hearing the Saphier family speak about their involvement in the program. A special thank you to the Saphier Family for joining us this past Sunday!

Your TJ Guide to Passover 2013

Looking for an easy way to carry this type of Passover excitement all the way to your Seder? Every day we’ll post a tip to make your holiday meal creative, memorable, and our favorite, CHILD FRIENDLY! Check back each day for a new way to make your Passover Seder more fun for the whole family 🙂

Tip #1:

While adults put finishing touches on the Passover table, give children the very important task of making up a song to remember the order of the Seder. Give them a stack of Haggadot and send them outside to brainstorm and collaborate. Too many kids to count? Divide the group into teams and have them compete head-to-head at the start of the Seder…just remember, we’re all winners during the Holidays! Here’s to a Passover you won’t forget!