The 4th grade class prepared for Passover with a mini seder.  The class made charoset, sang songs and blessings from the Haggadah, completed our Passover booklet and tested each other on the Four Questions.

The 5th graders played Jewish Jeopardy reviewing information from their study of the
value of Talmud Torah and began working on a class wide skit in which various figures from

Talmud Torah enjoy a Shabbat Dinner. 
In 6th grade the class played Passover Bingo with Passover terms as a way to review the holiday information. In Judaic Studies the class created posters about the Negev and reviewed information on the Negev by playing a game.
The 7th graders prepared by Passover by examining how the Exodus might have happened if Moses had Google. They also filmed videos of things to do with leftover matza!