In Miss Mikki’s Kindergarten class children made Chanukah collages and put finishing touches on their dreidels. Then students celebrated with a Hanukkah party. The day closed with a special Chanukah themed family Tefilah.

 Mrs. Waldman’s Fourth Grade Judaic Studies class discussed the importance of a name. Students studied the generations before Noah and got many opinions from one another on the possibility of the longevity of those generations. The name “Noah” means comfort. The children researched the meaning of their Hebrew names and shared the meanings with the class.

Mrs. Bulbin’s Fouth Grade Hebrew class finished their Chanukah booklet filled with puzzles, word searches, matching, and songs. Students played a game reading Hebrew vocabulary on the bulletin board. At the end of class fourth grade had a party where they played Chanukah bingo and dreidel.

On Sunday Sarah’s Fifth Grade Judaic Studies class continued their discussion of courage by debating the bravest biblical figures. Out of Rachel, Abraham, Moses, Esther, Boaz, and David, the students voted Moses as the bravest biblical figure because he had to stand up to his brother to lead the Jewish people out of Egypt. 

Mrs. Goldberg’s Fifth Grade Hebrew class worked on Chapter Seven (the Chanukah chapter) in their book. The students also got to see a dreidel with a “pey” instead of a “shin.” Ask your child why different dreidels have different Hebrew letters on them.

Fifth Grade also enjoyed a Chanukah party! Check out the photos below and see how much fun we had celebrating with our friends and teachers…

 Thank you to all the parents who helped make our classroom Chanukah parties special by bringing in Latkes, Jelly Doughnuts, and other delicious Chanukah goodies. We couldn’t have done it without you!