Summer Camp Overview

There’s a perfect camp experience for all of our kids!

We offer two different camp programs grouped by age. Each program is run by our professional school staff who are uniquely skilled and fully credentialed. Our programs are tailored to take full advantage of the wonder, curiosity, and spirit of children 18 months – 5 years. We look like we’re playing, but we’re always learning something. Our exceptionally low counselor-to-camper ratio provides the most personal, enriching camp experience anywhere.

We’re thrilled to welcome Mikki Feinberg as Camp Director for a third summer in a row! Mikki’s experience and enthusiasm make her a perfect fit for our summer program.

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Counselor in Training Program (CIT)

We are excited that you are interested in being a part of our camp family. In order to be a Counselor in Training (CIT), you must be at least entering 9th grade in the fall. While we love having more helpers during the summer, if you cannot commit to at least two weeks of camp, this is not the right summer internship for you. All CIT’s must undergo a background check.

Working as a CIT means that you will be treated as an adult, not a camper. You are expected to report to your assigned Senior Counselor and cabin, be respectful and take initiative in helping with the campers and cabin. 

All campers are to be treated equally, favoritism is not permitted. CIT’s should feel comfortable playing with all of the children. Always be aware of the safety of the campers; under no circumstances are campers to be carried. Cellphone use is not permitted in the cabin. In addition to mandatory staff training there will be additional training sessions during the summer for CIT’s