It was wonderful having our 6th grade parents at Religious School for their third family program this year. The parent session with Rabbi Siegal produced quite a few tears as
parents explored their children becoming more mature and independent!
We spent the day looking back on all we’ve done this year.  We used old class photos and art projects to help us remember all the holidays we celebrated together and all the lessons we’ve learned. We began working on Memory Books that will be a keepsake of our first year of Hebrew school.  The Memory Books will go home on the last day of class – May 22nd.
First Grade
It was wonderful seeing everyone again after the Passover break. It was great to know that our Passover coasters were used during Pesach. The class continued to learn about Moses and the people of Israel. We followed Moses to Mt. Sinai where we received the ten commandments. The class also made candles to remember Yom HaShoah.
Second Grade
Today Mrs. Rodriguez’s class played our favorite game of Mazoret to practice our Hebrew letters that look the same.  We listened to a story, “The Tatooed Torah” which allowed us to have an age-appropriate conversation about Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day).  Rabbi Siegal showed us the special Torah from Temple Judea’s Torat Chaim project. The congregation restored a Torah that survived the Holocaust and it has a tattoo just like the little Torah in the story.  And also like the happy ending in the story, it now has a home here in our TempleMr. Levy’s class learned the Hebrew letters Gimmel and Zayin and continued our journey through the Torah story of Exodus.
Third Grade This week we learned peh and practiced making the sound by spitting seeds. We also watched a Shalom Sesame video on kibbutz life.  Fourth Grade In Judaic Studies the words ” birthright ” and “Devine Messanger ” were introduced. The students served as spies and detected the times birthright and Devine Messanger were referred to in our readings. One midrash we discussed was: Why was Rebekah unhappy when she was pregnant? Why did she say,”Why am I living?” Another opportunity the students had to create their own midrash was in answer to the question: Why does Isaac say so little and Rebekah make decisions?
Fifth Grade
In Hebrew the class finished the Gevurot. In addition to reviewing the prayer we also created Rofeh Holim (healing the sick) drawings. This is one of the themes of the prayer. In Judaic Studies we played Jeopardy review games to go over material from both our Talmud Torah and our Hachnasat Orchim units. Each class particularly enjoyed the “Stories” category in which they must briefly retell stories from this past unit to one another. The students also had a great time completing the word scramble games they did not have time to finish on Wednesday.