Thanks to all the 4th graders and parents for an AWESOME family program!

Here is what was happening in the rest of the classes:

First Grade got into the spirit of Pesach by learning about the story of Passover.  We got to role-play Moses, Aaron, and mean King Pharoah.  Moses said to Pharoah:  “Let my people go!”  What did Pharoah answer?  Ask your children as they will most certainly have the answer.  We will be discussing the Seder and Haggadah next week.

In Mr. Levy’s 2nd grade class we learned the Hebrew Letters Samech and Fay, we reviewed the Four Questions, and we made Matzah covers to take to the Palace on our visit this upcoming Shabbat. In Mrs. Rodriguez’s class students explored the pivotal moment in Jewish history, when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments.  The class discussed how to follow them in our own lives and created a class book illustrating these ideas. The class also had time to review Hebrew letters that look alike.  

The 3rd graders had a ball in class where they reviewed the Hebrew letter samech and learned the letter sin. We played a game to learn about the different books of the Bible and learned about Tsipori. The students got to design their own Talmud page using pasta since Tsipori was the home of Yehudah HaLevi.

In 5th grade Hebrew the students practiced the Amidah and the Four Questions. In Judaic Studies we spoke about Moses and the Red Sea. After discussing there being no symbol on the table to remind us of this awesome miracle students worked to create their one. Standouts included pineapple, apples, siddurim and honey. 5th graders also completed a special art project with Amy where each student created a unique “bas relief” style mezuzah made of cardboard, foil, paint and gems. This is a keepsake item that students can display in their own room or somewhere else that is meaningful to them.

Today in 6th grade we started a new chapter in our book about the Negev. We read the text and discussed along the way, answering questions. We enjoyed having a “competitive” music class with Benny!