In Miss Mikki’s Kindergarten class students learned about G’Milut Chasadim (acts of kindness). The class discussed how acts of kindness do not cost us anything and can be done by all!! Students put what they learned into action and made get-wells card for their sick friends.
Mrs. Rodriguez’s Second Grade class enjoyed singing at Tefilliah with Benny. Students also read Hebrew words and reviewed letters and vowels from earlier this year.
Josephus (a Jewish general who joined the Romans in 66 CE as a historian) visited Third Grade on Sunday. Students learned about Masada and how the zealots took their own lives before the Romans could harm them.
Third grade continued to reinforce the vocabulary that they learned earlier in the year. Student used the Twister game to practice their colors and sang The Aleph Bet Song to review their letters.

 Mrs. Bulbin’s Fourth Grade Hebrew class began their scrapbook project by illustrating Hebrew sentences. Students led the opening exercises by asking questions in Hebrew and singing The Aleph Bet Song while pointing to the Aleph Bet chart.
In Mrs. Waldman’s Fourth Grade Judaic Studies class students prayer for their country and for our new administration. Children created a prayer for Veteran’s Day after they learned about the history of Veteran’s day and its meaning. Fourth graders also read a portion of “Being Torah.” Students also read the second creation story in Genesis. The class had a blast enjoying a music program with the Benny.
In Tefillah B’Kitah Fourth graders continued to learn the Avot V’Imahot prayer in Hebrew and English and searched for the many names of God within the text.
Sarah’s Fifth Grade class continued their discussion of Hachnasat Orchim by making welcome brochures for students who are new to Religious School.

Mrs. Goldberg’s Fifth Grade class learned new Hebrew vocabulary words and practiced the Avot V’Imahot prayer.

Miss Maya’s Sixth Grade class read a dialogue about a plane ride to Israel and the food and drinks that were offered during the flight. After that, the students wrote a song about a specific food or drink using as many Hebrew words as possible.
Lara’s Sixth Grade Judaic Studies class talked about the different prayers we say throughout the day. We focused on what we say when we wake up. The children talked about what prayers could be said when we open our ties or tie our shoes.
Shoshana’s Sixth Grade class learned about David Ben Gurion and the Parliament’s Declaration of the Jewish State, Israel. Students also reflected on what it would have been like living during that time and the e motions that could overcome those coming form the Holocaust and those finally making it back home. We learned about the different wars, ranging from the War of Independence, the Sixth Day War, and the Yom Kippur War. At the end of class everyone stood up and read Hatikvah, the Israeli National Anthem, in honor of the State of Israel.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone this Sunday, November 18th!