Visiting Israel for about two weeks is great, but doing it with my friends and Rabbis is even better.  A large portion of the kids with whom I will be spending time during this trip I’ve known since I was in pre-school and some of the kids I will be spending time with I’ve met over the last year.  This trip is going to be a time where I can develop better friendships with my friends from Hebrew school and maybe even make new friends. ~9th Grade Student


Help us fund our next trip and support the JNF when you plant a tree in Israel!

  1. Go to the Plant Your Way website.
  2. Select “Find a Participant”
  3. Select “Search by Team” and enter “Temple Judea Teens”
  4. Our Team will appear under the search box.
  5. Click on “Temple Judea Teens” and you will be directed to our team page. 6.Find the button that says “Support Temple Judea Teens” and purchase as many trees as you would like.