The 7th graders did an awesome job leading tefilah during the 2nd hour of school today. We were fortunate to have a representative from Feeding South Florida who came for the presentation of money collected by Harrison Herskowitz, Noah Cohn, and Sam Zahn as part of their mitzvah project. Here’s what was going on during the first hour of school:

5th Grade
Today in class we started to go back and review topics from earlier this year, starting with Talmud Torah. The students broke into groups and completed various activities such as filling out word searches with key terms, writing unique skits, and creating review questions for one giant study game (to be played on Sunday). In Hebrew we continued to review both the 4 questions and the Amidah.  Mrs. Goldberg also shared her Moss Haggadah with the students.
6th grade
Today in 6th grade we worked on posters about the Negev. We colored and made word splashes. Then we participated in Tefilah.
7th grade
During the first hour we prepared to lead tefilah and we reviewed some of the Jewish vocabulary words we studied earlier in the year. We played a Jewpardy game and an Around the World game that the students had created.